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Message From Editorial Board

Since the beginning of time, for as far as human race’s origins go, it has been evident that the human race survived on this weird rock of our visible universe, solely, on the base of its capacity to observe, reflect and later evolve towards a state that was better than its previous one. It h’as kept its genus thriving because it could cut and prune its defective traits and because it could nourish and bloom its prestigious facets. Surely, it has been a process spanning over millions of years in which the human race kept on enhancing its observation, improving its reflective capacity and evolving its techniques, based on those reflections, that made every other day of its existence a bit ahead of its previous one. Without this continuous adoption of evolutionary trends in a hostile environment and without abandonment of practices that needed to be left back, survival in a better way could not have been possible. It has been a charade of a mastery that we know as innovation something we admire, nurture and propagate at all the departments associated with our Alma mater and Editorial Board is no exception to this tradition of ours either with whose help we were , are and shall continue to nourish and nurture the besets minds of our future in the smartest way possible.

About The Journal

Medical practices, like every other aspects of human evolution based on its peculiar ability to evolve and innovate, have improved along the pathway of human history. Based on their observations and reflections regarding the maladies and afflictions raving human race, the most advanced mind of every human age, with their unique ability to fly through support of their visionary wings, have pulled humanity through the pits of darkness to the bright avenues of awareness, advancement and innovations.

We are trying best to attach these visionary wings to my charges making them believe that sky is not the limits it’s the beginning and that they just have to extend these wings to take their first giant leap reminding themselves again and again, till the very last of limit of their intellectual horizon.  

Vision Of Journal

As Vygotsky had said that during the process of evolution towards betterment, humans do observe, reflect and come up with conclusions that once implemented, in a learned  way, ultimately  result in the grooming of their existing  existential  state. Times do change and every era comes up with new challenges . The existing practices are evaluated, in every era by the learned, in the scenario of the ongoing challenges and pruned through  a process of self-assessment that leaves behind  the aspects no longer  required  and  evolves new  ones to counter the challenges  of the new  age. Educational  systems that  do follow  the  rule  of continuous  evaluation  through  a vigilant assessment and shrewd pruning and grooming ultimately become the torch bearers  and  the  custodians  of  knowledge  of  that  age  or  era.  Those  systems  or societies who  keep  on clinging  to  the  obsolete practices  and  maintain  an ultra­ orthodox point of view, that keeps on pulling its connected society towards the past, ultimately  do fade away from the fabric of time  and space through  a process  of continuous erosion. At the department of physiology, we are trying to bring about that dawn where the clinicians and educationists of future could ignite the brightness of their own thought process and could evolve their own customs and practices and end up as role models through introduction of practices aligned with the standards of the modem world and yet customized according to our social structure. Here, we are trying to groom our younger minds to start questioning the leads of knowledge extended to them, to start analyzing them in an unbiased way through valid experimental process and to update their understanding and practices alike in a way better than their predecessors.